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My name is Chris W and I’m the owner of SoCal Web Design. I got into programming 5 years ago when I developed my first game. Then as I got better I started to work on more complex programs that focused mainly on the backend of things. I ran into web design later on and became really interested in it because a lot of the things that I wanted to create were visual, like making websites, menus, game screens, etc.

When my Dad was looking for a web designer, he looked around and noticed a lot of places were charging thousands of dollars upfront for a website that looked so outdated. He had a hard time finding someone because he was either going to spend a lot of money for a good site, or hope a cheaper option would deliver quality. That’s when I offered to make a website for him now that I was confident in my skills. Thats why I aim to create high quality websites for small businesses that don’t break the bank.